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Реферат на тему:
Environmental problems (на английском языке)

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Инфо Инфо о работе
Тип работы:Реферат
Тема:Environmental problems (на английском языке)
Предмет:Иностранные языки
Страниц:1 стр.
Дата:21.07.2010 г.
Стоимость:~60 руб.(отправить 1 SMS) или 80 руб.(WebMoney, Я-Деньги)
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Реферат "Environmental problems (на английском языке)" содержит:

    In recent years the number of environmental problems has increased dangerously.
    One of the most discussed problems is changes to the climate.
    It is said that due to "greenhouse effect" our climate is getting warmer and that threatens us with serious consequences.
    We don't really know the reasons of such natural disasters like draughts, heavy storms, tsunami, floods but it's supposed that the change of climate is one of the main reasons.
    Another problem is natural recourses like oil and coal that are not endless.
    So people have to think about alternate sources of energy.
    All the forces of nature can be used to provide a clean, renewable source of energy - for example wind, sun, water.
    Some of the techniques are already in use.
    Many species of animals and plants are threatened with extinction.
    Who is to blame for this disaster?
    The answer is simple and sad - people.
    I feel really sorry and angry when I hear about killing of one of the last Siberian tiger because of its skin…
    More than ten million of animals and plants have already disappeared from our Earth!
    Jungle and forests should be protected or else wild animals' natural habitats will be destroyed and the balance in the nature will be broken.
    Big cities are becoming very grey because there are getting less and less trees.
    People cut trees to build new houses on their places.
    Serious problem that is caused by people as well is litter.
    We throw away a lot of rubbish; fabrics produce incredible amounts of waste.
    If we don't do something with it, we are in danger of turning our planet into a rubbish dump.
    So, in my opinion, we should think about recycling these wastes in some way.
    Unfortunately Russia is one of the countries that does not care much about environment.
    Russia is a very big country and it's easier to find a place to keep all the wastes and not to recycle them.
    That's why we can see a very big garbage dumps somewhere out of towns.
    For example in many European countries the litter is sorted and recycled.
    There are becoming more and more cars.
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