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English Traditional Meals (на английском языке)

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Тип работы:Реферат
Тема:English Traditional Meals (на английском языке)
Предмет:Иностранные языки
Страниц:2 стр.
Дата:21.07.2010 г.
Стоимость: бесплатно 
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Реферат "English Traditional Meals (на английском языке)" содержит:

    Each country has its own traditional cuisine, which reflects its cultural and historic identity and makes this country different from others.
    As a rule, the first meal of the day comes in the morning somewhere between 7 and 9am.
    For a typical breakfast in our days, many Englishmen have toast with butter or sometimes margarine and berry or fruit jam and marmalade, which is made from oranges.
    Very popular are fruit salads or fruit cocktails.
    For others, an ideal breakfast will include a bowl with appetizing cereal, such as cornflakes or a mixture of grains, nuts, and dried fruit also called muesli.
    This cereals are mixed with milk and often served to children, because it's considered very nutritious and healthy.
    As for a traditional English breakfast, it will consist of more wholesome substantial food, for example: bacon, sausages, omelet or poached eggs, baked beans, fried tomatoes, or even mushrooms.
    Some people love to eat a boiled egg with a strip of toast which is dipped into the yolk.
    Usual beverages for breakfast are tea, coffee or some kind of juice, though the most commonly drink is orange juice.
    Between 11am and noon, some people have a morning tea-break.
    This is a light snack including a biscuit with tea or coffee and is generally known as 'elevenses'.
    Between 12:30 and 2:00 in the afternoon comes the time for a lunch.
    Some may have a small sandwich, others prefer soup and bread.
    There is also a traditional farmer's lunch consisting of traditional Cheddar cheese, some pickles and salad with some kind of meat pies.
    It is common in England not to cook the lunch at homes but go to a pub with one's friends.
    However, at Sunday lunch time the whole family may come together for a Sunday meal traditionally including roast beef with potatoes, various vegetables like green beans, peas, parsnip, and with gravy.
    Meat dishes, especially roast beefs, are traditionally served with Yorkshire pudding.
    In the late afternoon, usually between 3pm and 5pm, tea-time comes.
    This is a rather small meal when people may drink a cup of tea with biscuits, cakes, or even sandwiches.
    In the very early evening, at about 6 o'clock, the English usually have high tea which is also a very light meal.
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