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Реферат на тему:
Art. Theatre, Movies (на английском языке)

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Тип работы:Реферат
Тема:Art. Theatre, Movies (на английском языке)
Предмет:Иностранные языки
Страниц:2 стр.
Дата:20.07.2010 г.
Стоимость:~60 руб.(отправить 1 SMS) или 80 руб.(WebMoney, Я-Деньги)
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Реферат "Art. Theatre, Movies (на английском языке)" содержит:

    In London, there is a great number of theatres.
    Theatergoers don't have to go far outside the city centre to find a play that fits their taste or mood.
    In the West End, there are around fifty theatres with a ballet, a comedy, a drama, a musical, or a variety on stage.
    In any theatres, the seats are divided into groups, most popular are the stalls because they are closer to the stage.
    The first gallery above the stalls is called dress circle.
    Boxes are most prestigious and expensive seats.
    You can get your ticket beforehand at the box-office or at one of the distributing agencies.
    If a performance is very popular you won't be able to buy a single ticket weeks before the performance itself.
    Among the most famous London theatres are "The National Theatre", and "Covent Garden".
    Yet, for me, the most interesting theatre in England is Shakespeare's globe.
    The original building of the theatre, which was built in 1599, didn't last till our days.
    However, one Englishman called Sam Wanamaker came to London and decided to restore the Globe, the best monument to Shakespeare one can imagine.
    For fifty years he contributed all his efforts to constructing a new building.
    Finally, in 1997 the new Globe opened its doors to the first theatre goers.
    The new building is just like the old Shakespeare's Globe but for some differences: four exits instead of two.
    As before, the Globe has no roof so all plays are played in the open air.
    About fifteen hundred people may come to watch a play.
    I want to mention a couple of interesting things from the history of the Globe.
    In Shakespeare's time, all roles were played by male actors.
    Female roles were usually played by teenage boys up to 17 or 18 years old.
    Queen Elizabeth I didn't go to the Globe.
    The actor's of Shakespeare's theatre would give a special performance of the same play at one of the Royal Palaces in London.
    Some people think, that the Globe does only Shakespeare's plays today.
    To my surprise, I found out that they stage plays by other dramatists as well, especially if there were written for the Globe.
    Moscow is also justly called a city of theatres.
    There so many theatres in Moscow one can spend a couple of months going to a theatre every day.
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